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Paying Fitness Debt and You Don’t Even Exercise. What In The Actual F$ck….?

As coaches we hear time and again how expensive hiring a trainer is. And how a person “cannot afford a membership”, yet they then follow up with 3-4 reasons why they actually need and want one.


Sound familiar? Don’t feel bad about it as you are definitely not alone in this. The sad reality  is that even if you are not currently a member of a gym, you are most likely still paying “fitness debts”.

Check out these points below to see if your “fitness account” is out of balance or not.

You know you are paying TIME DEBT if;

  • You think about getting in shape obsessively. 

  • You scroll through IG daily envying all the fitness pros which only makes you feel worse about yourself.

  • You resolve to get in shape for the 103rd time, however you just have to get through that last night out with friends before “really getting strict”.

  • You feel like you are constantly trying to lose weight, yet ironically you have no strategic plan in place.

And then there is HEALTH DEBT….

  • It’s been 3 years since you have given birth and you are still 20lbs overweight.

  • You have visited your doctor for an annual check up and he has recommended losing weight as your health is beginning to decline. Um, holy freaking scary, yup! But you are young & feel ok most days right?

  • You have a nagging injury and it is beginning to limit basic daily functions. You have convinced yourself that exercise is not safe and you are sticking with that story. How dare people challenge you when you are in pain.

And finally the most costly of debts, SELF WORTH DEBT!

  • You always put others first and because of that you feel like you don’t even know who you are or what you want anymore. 

  • You want to wake up and feel excited, energetic and desirable again. Everyone says its silly to want to feel great as you age. It’s just a part of getting older “they say”, yet somehow you know it’s bullsh@t.

  • You wish someone would give you permission to take care of you. It seems like all of your friends have given up but deep down inside you want something different for yourself. It seems impossible making change when no one supports you.

Getting Back Your Balance.

I bet you identified with several of the statements above. You know how I know you did? Because these are MANY of the reasons that people use as blockages to their own power + ability to create a fitness routine that empowers them.

I know they sting a little, however you decide if you make this your story or not.

As a coach I encourage people to at bare minimum resolve to take action. Life has a way of getting super busy, and many of us end up paying into these “fitness debts” without ever noticing the true cost of all of these compounded.

And so I ask you. What price would you pay to;

Move with ease,

Act with confidence,

and make decisions assertively?

Anything right? Sometimes all it takes is a quick inventory of all the we are losing against all that we COULD gain if we made the decision to welcome positive change into our lives.

We truly want you to #liveyourbestlife…… However all we can do is to invite you into our tribe and hope that you see the value.

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Box Manager, Assistant Coach, Nutrition Specialist





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