Why Ring Row’s?

Ring Rows, what are they and why do them?

Do you see these as part of the workout and think, “yeah too easy, I’ll use the bands instead”? I used to think that way myself. But what if I told you this was the basis of a pull up? And the very first steps of learning a ring muscle up?

A bit more interesting right?

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Training For Life

Confused? Don’t be. THIS is the evolution of training. Due to the saturation + glorification of how the body LOOKS, instead of how it performs

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Creating Change

If you want to have a different result you need to ACT differently. 
You ALL have the power of choice… think about what you need to

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Training Vs. Competing – Is There a Difference?

Do you struggle with not knowing when to train hard and when to “dial it back”?

Whenever trying to get in better shape there definitely needs to be variance in programming. So many people we meet get confused with this, so today we wanted to discuss TRAINING VS. COMPETING.

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Three Types of People Perfect For CrossFit

Social Media Is Basically A Free Ticket To Insecurity Island

It is no surprise that from seeing CrossFit online you probably believe that it is some extreme fitness activity that only genetically blessed people use to rub their beauty in our faces, again + again (assholes, lolol).

…….To which I say, the way to “get fit” is to participate in programs that challenge you. And that I have never met a person who didn’t find CrossFit challenging and how f#cking awesome is that! 

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New to CrossFit? 3 Tips To Make Your First Workout A Success!

I know you’ve done it. Heard the word CrossFit, saw some super fit person telling you about it with fire in their eyes, which then leads you to google “What Is CrossFit”…. and BAM just like that you tell yourself “THERE’S JUST NO WAY I COULD DO THAT!”….

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