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The Village That Is NTC (The Unwritten Rules That Make Us Stand Out)


As a gym owner I can say that COVID-19 has forever changed the fitness landscape. With this disease reaching all areas of the world (starting in March of 2020), so many of us were forced out of our jobs, our routines and our gyms!

We are betting you can relate.

“Pre-Covid” you were likely in a solid routine. You were feeling happier, more energetic, hitting performance PRs at the gym and then BOOM! – all routine fell into the hands of this pandemic, that just doesn’t seem to give.

The change of routine has been tough for most. We’ve seen it and even felt it ourselves!

So what do you do when everything you know how to “do it with” is behind closed doors and yellow tape?

Do you give in?

Do you wait for the perfect time and the perfect circumstance to “arrive at awesome?”.

We think you shouldn’t, and neither does the community of members that make up NTC, our gym community.

And this in only one of the many qualities that the leaders in our gym know so well.

In our first year of business we were always surprised.

Surprised by the quality of persons entering our doors.

Amazed by the level of kindness they showed to others.

Blessed by the diversity of culture, body size & age of each of our members.

#trulyblessed – honestly we felt like we had won the membership lottery lolol.

At times we just thought we had gotten lucky. Damn XYZ is SOOO nice. I’m so glad they found us. Then we realized what has become the deep truth of our gym and what makes it fantastic. And that is the VILLAGE that is NTC, how our interaction and lifestyles are improved as a whole by being united in fitness and personal philosophies. And that over time these “unwritten rules” are what have come to define the energy that you will feel when you walk through our doors.

The truth is the Pandemic WILL change what your new fitness life will look like, and that is OK!

We believe that COVID was a reset. A reset on your ability to create self care. A reset on your career possibly. A reset on what your new normal will look like, because you do now have the power to choose what your routine and achievements will look like going forward.

Maybe this time around you will train 100% from home from now on. Pajamas and push-ups, yes please!

Maybe you will hire a coach (to get that extra kick in the butt to get back into shape as that is exactly what a coach can do for you).

And maybe just maybe paying for access to just a membership will no longer be enough and you will start looking for more!

It is the toughest times that help us define what matters most.

It is so easy to find a free fitness program online. But do you have a coach that is checking to see if you are actually DOING it?

NTC is 100% that special place.

If you haven’t yet met any member of our gym crew, or want a “sneak peak”, here is a summary of the unwritten rules that exist inside our gym walls, and in our online community; then this will be your cheatsheet.

We hope that sharing this inspires you, to ask (and plan) what your “new norm” will look like once you can join a gym again.

Here we go! NTC – The philosophies that define us.

  1. We define the outcome of our lives by our RESPONSE to it. Personal accountability is a KEY principle that we try to embody. We don’t believe in perfect, but we also don’t believe in excuses. Step into your life and watch it change before your eyes. Be More, DO More because you can.

  2. You get back 100% what you give out to the world. Complaining that something is “so hard”, well guess what – that is the easiest way to make it feel that way. Your language and interpretation to situations will create your reality. Pay attention to the story you are writing. It is unfolding into what you call your life.

  3. You are too >>>>>>>>>>>> to achieve your goal. At NTC progress over perfection is our minimum standard. You are not measured by your abilities. You are “measured” by your ability to try. Our programs and coaches are able to adapt everything to suit your situation. Developing a strong heart has no deadline, so don’t put one on yourself. #truth

  4. Welcome others with a smile, kindness and understanding. You don’t another’s life circumstance or how much it took them to show up. Clap & cheer for them, you may be the reason someone comes back tomorrow.


Happy Training Friend, I hope this article was motivating. Remember the only thing standing between you and your goal is a YES!

We hope to meet you soon!


Coach Erin, Coach & Gym Co-Owner

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