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The NTC Promise

“We help people develop long-term fitness habits that improve their mental health and enable them to magnify the power they have to create positive change in their lives”

That is Northern Touch CrossFit’s mission statement. Something we believe in and stand by.

Quick fixes, for the most part, do not work long term. It may provide some short term gain, but are likely to come up short in the long run.

“Slow and steady wins the race”, not attractive – but LIFE changing and that’s what we aim to do – change lives!

Change Your Focus – What Is a Win?

Seeing slow-er progress is not what is sold online. But it is realistic.

Learning to re-focus on the small everyday actions is not easy. But it is what will get you results.

Having to retrain your mind to focus on becoming resilient everyday, instead of simply for a 30 day period is HARD. But it is what we believe in.

Yes, we do run “challenges” and these are offered to help kick start your journey. We follow up the “challenge” with continued coaching to help you stay on course to your goal. 

That is where a coach comes into play

Think about how long it took you to get the result you have today.

Did you gain 60 lbs over a period of 5 years?

Or maybe you stopped working out 3 years ago and every time you try to walk, jog or squat everything hurts!

Yes there may be times where you will experience some ups and downs. However when you work with a coach it is our job to identify the patterns (or habits) that got you to the current life/fitness level you are experiencing and how you the steps to adjust with a focus on your goal.

What about cost? It seems so expensive when you can go and copy a free program online.

It’s true. There are a ton of programs online. You absolutely could wing it on your own. 

But what will you do when you progress past the outlined 4 week program? 

What if that movement on the paper doesn’t feel good to your back that you injured at work 2 years ago that doesn’t seem to get better?

And even worse WHAT IF you follow that exact program and don’t get results? What then will you do to make progress?

Working with our coaching team is like investing in “fitness insurance”. We are trained to guide you into movements, intensity levels, and HABITS that transform the old you, into the new person you want to become.

Now that is a “magic fix” we can promote!

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