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New to CrossFit? 3 Tips To Make Your First Workout A Success!

I know you’ve done it. Heard the word CrossFit, saw some super fit person telling you about it with fire in their eyes, which then leads you to google “What Is CrossFit”…. and BAM just like that you tell yourself “THERE’S JUST NO WAY I COULD DO THAT!”….

Trust me I know how you feel. But I also know that CrossFit is not as intimidating as it looks, as I too had to take that first step and haven’t looked back since.

These 3 tips will show you exactly what to do when preparing to try CrossFit for the first time, and why you don’t need to worry even one bit before stepping through our doors and onto our gym mats.

1> Know that everyone at some time was a beginner and it’s ok to be new.

I’ll admit it, there are those freakishly odd people where every sport they try they are just a few competitions short of attending the olympics lolol…however the other 80-90% of us are just everyday people, trying to stay healthy, and get stronger one day at a time. At NTC we will show you that every starting point is valuable as it gives you a place to grow from, and that you will naturally be good at some things, and other things will take a little bit more work. (Um hello pull ups and toes to bar for me, darn them!!!!) lolol

2> Even on your FIRST DAY you will have people cheering you on. And eventually you will probably find another person who you will endearingly name your #wodbuddy (here’s a picture of me with mine…Hi Jenn!)

One of the best things about the CrossFit community is the non-judgemental support that you get from the coaches and members. Our goal is to get you moving well, while minimizing risk and increasing your overall fitness. No matter how hard the fight is you will have the support of several people giving you tips and pushing you to be your best. If you naturally lack motivation this is your answer!

3>you will NOT be asked to do anything we don’t think you are capable of, and that you aren’t comfortable doing.

Our goal is to keep you safe and preserve your health long term! Will you be challenged, heck yes…however our job as coaches is to decipher your mental limitations from your physical ones. You will be surprised, your body can push much harder than your mind believes it can. We are here to stoke that fire within you.

All workouts are scaleable. Which means that if someone is climbing a rope and you can’t do it, or aren’t comfortable, we will provide a modified version for you. Truth is we know you will probably end up climbing the rope like a boss in the future. However our joy comes from seeing you develop the confidence and skills that will allow you to make that decision on your own.

>Other…what to wear, what to eat and what to bring.

What to wear – standard gym clothes, anything that you would wear to workout and that won’t restrict your movement. Oh and proper running shoes.

What to eat – The best source of fuel prior to a workout is carbs and a little bit of protein. A great snack would be a banana and some peanut butter, or even oatmeal with some protein powder mixed in, or a quick protein smoothie. Carbs are our best source of energy and we want to keep our muscles fueled with them for our workouts. At NTC we believe that carbs are your friends. Can I get an Amen? lolol

What to bring – Water and a positive attitude. We want you to feel comfortable, and be successful. Leave all the planning and logistics to your coaches and come ready to move and have fun. We already know how strong and capable you are, and our ultimate goal is to have you feel the same.

I hope you see that you do NOT need to be fit in order to get fit. And that we all have to start somewhere…. and where you are right now is actually the perfect place to begin positive change.  

We’ll be here for you when you need us.

See you at your first WOD (that’s CrossFit terminology for “workout of the day”, don’t worry we’ll explain that later), xo

Erin, Assistant Coach


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