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Hand Care Tips For Athletes

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Hey NTC family coach Kim here 🙂

As you have probably heard we have a big workout this Saturday!

If you have never done this wod, or don’t know what or why we do it yearly, here’s a little explanation.

This wod is not your average workout. It is what we classify as a “Hero” workout. Hero workouts are created and performed in honor of fallen soliders that have and lost their lives in war.

Each hero wod is different, and here’s what Saturday’s wod consists of:

  • 1 Mile Run

  • 100 Pull Ups

  • 200 Push Ups

  • 300 Squats

  • 1 Mile Run

OUCH! and yes you definitely read that right. Participating in this workout is for everyone (scaling options will be provided), and is almost a “right of passage” in our sport.

100 Pull Ups? Your hands are burning just thinking about it right?

I know what you are thinking. Is hand care really all that important?

YES, it is and can make a real difference in callus build up and the possibility of tearing.

My Best Hand Care Tips

As you mentally prepare yourself… Don’t forget to prepare your hands!!! There are enough pull-ups and push-ups in this workout to last a (non-crossfitter’s) lifetime, and believe me you don’t want to be doing them with bloody hands.  To ensure you are set to get through this workout, my number one tip is Callus Management….and start NOW!!! 

If you have calluses you want to ensure they’re at a plausible thickness.  If they are too thick the excess skin will bunch up and rip. If they are too thin as soon as you grip the bar your calluses will rip. To get the optimal thickness you need to take a stone and scrub down the calluses to that optimal level.

Not sure what that level is?!?  Scrub a little one day, then get to the box and do 3 sets of 10 beat swings. How do your hands feel? Did the calluses start to bunch… then scrub more tonight and repeat.  Was it unbearable to hold on for 10 reps?…. don’t scrub any more, and use a natural moisturizer daily.

If you don’t have any calluses, what gym do you go to?!? 

Moisture is the answer!

Regardless of your callus status, moisture needs to be your bff . I recommend a natural ointment like shea butter and apply it daily to your hands . This allows your skin cells to rejuvenate and create a protective barrier that is more plausible to move with your hand movements.

Start today!

Any questions on hand care? Interested in the RIPT Skin care system? Come talk to me at the box!

Here’s what it looks like and can help with hand care (or wear and tear) from everyday wods.


Want to make a friendly bet as to who’s hand will rip first?  Comment below. 

Here’s to successful and rewarding workout!

Coach Kim, NTC

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