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The Tricep is made up of three muscles. The long, lateral, and medial head which is where the “Tri” comes from.

The Tricep is what is known as an extensor; it allows us to extend our arm. The Triceps, when developed, is also known as a horseshoe, because as you guessed it, it looks like one.

So why have we been doing all this hi rep single joint banded work? Well, it helps develop the size and strength of the Triceps in addition to serving as pre-hab to improve the elastic properties of the tendon (tendons attach muscle to bone). The tricep also supports the shoulder and basically the BFF of the bicep.

Think of it this way. If “Mr.Bicep” (antagonist to the tricep) was invited to a wod party, he damn well better recruit his BFF the tricep or, well, let’s just say “making moves” won’t be possible.

Not only do they look REAL nice when developed they also will help with your performance in a CrossFit WOD.

Having trouble locking out overhead with a heavier weight? Considering mobility is NOT an issue and it is STRICTLY strength related, having stronger triceps will certainly help with that.

#BOOM – Push Press PR Sauce!

That wall ball is not yet reaching the intended target? Yup, triceps will HELP with that

Having a hard time pressing out in the rings, bar muscle up or dip? Yup triceps will HELP with that.

Struggling with your push ups and want to move more weight in the bench press? Triceps

Want your arms looking good in that tank top? Can you guess what comes next?


Your strong triceps will help support your shoulder, weird eh? The long head starts on the shoulder blade (scapula) and the lateral and medial start on the upper arm (humerus) all three then come together like voltron and attach to the elbow (ulna)

This is not a catch all for the importance of strong, developed triceps and no it will not solve all issues. This is more to give you an idea of why there is so much banded work in addition to single joint isometric movements in our weekly programming.

Doing all the work = GAINZ the benefits.

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