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7 Ways to Stay Motivated While Working Out at Home!


Getting in shape/ staying in shape is never an easy task. 

It requires a solid and well balanced nutritional foundation, accountability, tons of hard work, patience and arguably the most important factor, motivation

Without motivation there’s no possibility for significant long term pay off and results. 

It’s also one of the areas people struggle the most with on their fitness journeys (especially during tough times like these) which is why we came up with a few ways to keep you encouraged! 

Team NTC has got your back!

1. Work with a coach

Working with a coach is a great way to establish clear goals and benchmarks. They’re also perfect for helping you realize your full potential, because it’s often the case that you’re more capable than you think!

2. Get an accountability partner

An accountability partnership is a realistic way to keep yourself in check while encouraging your partner to do the same. People are often more inclined to succeed when they have a partner there with them every step of the way going through the same thing. A workout buddy is the perfect symbiotic relationship to serve as a key to motivation!

3. Follow a specific plan 

Goals become SO much easier to achieve when they are put into perspective with a concrete plan. This way you develop an understanding that change doesn’t occur overnight and lets you have full control over your day to day life.

4. Create long term and short term goals

Putting goals into simpler terms is crucial when it comes to fitness. Your short term goals can be anything from “Drink 2L of water per day.” to “Run three times per week.”. The key is that they can be quickly achieved and maintained with the intention of achieving your long term goals. Your long term goals can vary anywhere from “Minimize my BMI score” to “To holding a two minute plank”, it is important to remember that they have to be “SMART”, meaning specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely!

5. Prepare the night before

By doing this, you will cut down on the possible excuses you can make the next day, you will give yourself a solid sense of commitment AND save time!

6. Make it into a routine

Routines are an amazing way to stay motivated because it allows you to develop a sense of normalcy and comfort in always knowing what to expect!

7. Recognize when you are making excuses 

This plays a HUGE role in staying motivated. We all love to tell ourselves “I don’t want to get too bulky”, “I’ll do it when work isn’t so hectic” or even “I ate healthy today so I don’t have to work out”, the list goes on for the excuses we tell ourselves in order to justify our self sabotage! The only way to avoid this is to recognize what you are doing and take action!

We hope this will help you to stay motivated during this temporary isolation period! Remember to wash your hands, stay home, stay healthy and stay safe!

AND if you need a Coach to keep you focused, or show you EXACTLY what you need to do come in and meet us! We offer simple, FREE 15 MINUTE GOAL SESSIONS.

Happy Training!



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