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Can you get six-pack abs from running?

Running is a great exercise which is easy to take up as it is a fairly low skill movement. Not to say there is not technique involved and refinement happens over months and years. It is simple to start, you can strap on pair of kicks and get out the door onto your adventure.

Running for the most part is an endurance exercise unless we add in short sprints. For this post we will be speaking about the former. 

Running can be considered a “fat burner” as it is a cardiovascular movement (raises the heart rate) so it will certainly help to blast those fatty deposits around your mid section. 

Our abdominal is made up of four muscles; the rectus abdominis (the 6-pack muscle), the internal obliques (inner sides), external obliques (outer sides) and the transverse abdominis.

Although these muscles are not directly worked while we run they are “working” to help make sure we do not fall over or sway side to side: they help stabilize our spine. To further recruit these muscles while running, think of pulling your belly button to your spine, but don’t forget to breath! this will help them contract making them stronger over time

Now to reveal those magical six pack abs, even with all the direct and indirect work we do, there is one magic potion that will make them pop! And that is nutrition. 

We can do all the running, bicycle kicks, v-ups, hollow rocks we want but if we are not eating right, we won’t see that six-pack

Without proper nutrition those coveted abs will be hiding in the back ground and may never be able to see the light of day. 

Some minor tweaks to your daily diet will put you on the right path to take a second glance in the mirror. If you need some guidance with that we are here to help!

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