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Personal Training Scarborough – Will Investing Get Quicker Results?

We bet if you asked 10 of your friends if they had a gym membership, 6 would say yes. However we also can bet that even though they have a gym membership, they likely also are struggling to achieve the goal they had in mind when they signed up. But why is that? Why is it that so many people struggle to make consistent progress? And more importantly since you just searched for ‘personal training scarborough’ – if you decided to hire a personal trainer, would you get quicker results? We think so and in this article we’ll tell you why.

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Personal Training Scarborough – Accountability Will Get You Results

The biggest reason people hire a personal trainer is so they can ensure that they follow through. It is so easy to feel motivated in the beginning of your fitness journey, but what about when it rains outside, when you had a long day at work, when you just-don’t-feel-like-it… #ugh

After servings hundreds of people at our gym there is one thing we know for sure. You need to learn to work through the ‘tough stuff’ and we can guarantee that there will be challenges. But we also can guarantee that if you continue to show up and do the work you CAN achieve your goal and hiring a personal trainer will increase your chances.

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Location of Your Gym & Trainer Matters – Personal Training Scarborough

There actually have been studies done that indicate that the gym members who live close to their gym show up much more frequently. If you live close to our gym statistically you have a better chance of following through. Living in Toronto means we have varying seasons, and we don’t know about you but when winter hits getting to the gym after work can seem extra difficult. The key is to find a training facility close to you (within 15 minutes) – plan your workouts, get out the door and make it happen.

Hiring A Personal Trainer Means You Get To Train When It Fits Your Schedule

Another factor that can determine if you achieve your goal or not is your schedule. The biggest obstacle most face is TIME. They are bogged down by work and family duties and just can’t see how they can fit exercise in their already busy schedule.

When you hire one of our trainers to help you reach your goal they will start by sitting down with you for a goal session. During this time you will go over what you current schedule is and develop a plan that will fit into your life.

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Working With A Coach At Our Scarborough Gym Will Keep You Safe

Another huge benefit of having a personal training plan made just for you is safety. Our goal is to create an exercise program that takes into account your exercise history, any past injuries and limitations you may have. We will help you progress safely (to avoid injury) so that you can continue to be active well into the future.

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Is Personal Training Worth It?

Well, if you struggle with staying motivated, you have a gym membership (or haven’t exercised in a long time) and just can’t seem to make progress on your goals YES, a big YES!

You need a plan that will keep you accountable, teach you how to exercise properly (and safely) and a coach that WILL be waiting for you to show up.

Personal training is a short term investment that will deliver long term value.

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