“Duck Feet”

Our bodies are remarkable in design and efficiency. We are meant to move pain free. Thinking of our motor system as a chain…connected. When one

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The Tricep is made up of three muscles. The long, lateral, and medial head which is where the “Tri” comes from. The Tricep is what

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Chip Science

Running tips from the NTC running coach extraordinaire Leanne There are many physical behaviours that we don’t notice about our form and cadence when we

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Why Ring Row’s?

Ring Rows, what are they and why do them?

Do you see these as part of the workout and think, “yeah too easy, I’ll use the bands instead”? I used to think that way myself. But what if I told you this was the basis of a pull up? And the very first steps of learning a ring muscle up?

A bit more interesting right?

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Training For Life

Confused? Don’t be. THIS is the evolution of training. Due to the saturation + glorification of how the body LOOKS, instead of how it performs

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Creating Change

If you want to have a different result you need to ACT differently. 
You ALL have the power of choice… think about what you need to

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