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What is the NTC Prep Course?

Building a foundation is extremely important for anything you are trying to build. From a house to a high rise office building, a solid foundation is paramount to build upon. A weak or incorrectly built foundation will result in a weak structure, a strong correctly built foundation will result in a long lasting strong structure.

Here at Northern Touch CrossFit we make the foundation the priority. Regardless of athletic ability, strength or previous fitness history, starting something new, everyone can benefit from building a solid foundation. The quote “The secret to success is to do the common uncommonly well” is what we use to help build our Prep Course. Day one we start with the basics and moving at the athlete’s pace, we correct and build each movement and skill from the ground up. This allows us as coaches to ensure your foundation is strong and built correctly to put you on the right path for success.

During your time in the NTC Prep Course you will work one on one with us and we will learn about you, you’ll get an idea of our coaching style and a real feel of the community here at Northern Touch CrossFit. Every session includes a thorough warm up, a strength and conditioning component and a well structured cool down to down regulate your nervous system.

Our warm up ensures your body is primed and ready to go, where our strength and conditioning components act as muscle building and fat burning as well as an opportunity to teach and or refine new movements and skills.

Once completed, you will be well prepped to make a decision to determine what would be the right path for you, either jumping into our group CrossFit classes, continue to work one on one with us, or a hybrid of both: group CrossFit classes and personal training.

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