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The 7 Day Diet


If you are looking to get in shape for summer I am pretty sure your google activity MAY look like this…

How to get fit FAST…

How to lose weight without dieting….

How to get fit in 10 days…..

Will carbs make me fat….

Etc, etc….the list of desires can really go on forever.

Listen I don’t need to know if this is you or not. (However I suspect you may be experiencing this)…

I already know from owning gym, meeting on average 10 new people per week, and by being a woman who ALSO wants to look her best, how HARD it is to find the balance between being “healthy” and not hating your life! Straight up it is HELLA hard.

The good news is you can have both, if you are willing to do the one thing I share below.

Why fitness challenges are so popular

Fitness challenges are all the rage. In fact if trainers started marketing 10 month plans where the main “secret weight loss food” was broccoli…the whole weight loss industry would fall apart.

NEW is attractive.

SHORT TERM is attractIve.

EASY most times equals “take my money”….but is unfortunately NOT realistic long term. And who wants to diet forever? Not me thank you.

If you have been looking for a 7 day challenge and hoping for long term results, it is not your fault. However with 7 day plans most times comes 7 day results.

Big fitness ouchy right?

Read this over and over so that you can make your fitness life easier.


Not glamorous but 100% true.

Your motivation & dieting skills are NOT broken.

Most people start their long term fitness lifestyle with a challenge. Kind of like the 6 WEEK CHALLENGE that we promote that offers support in every way that a person needs to really succeed.

However the challenge should be your START. It should be the settling time where you develop skills, replace old habits with new behaviours and where you get the support needed to find out how you can love your body, results and life!

It is not the time to cut carbs, eat foods you don’t like & exercise to excess. That is not realistic long term.

That will set you up for exhaustion.

That will lead to not knowing how to eat “on the go”

That will lead to a life with unlimited challenges, endless dieting and frustration that never ends.

Ew, you deserve better!

This week if you are trying to create a fitter, stronger, healthier you I say find foods that both satisfy you & are getting you closer to your goals.

If you went to the gym once last week, maybe 2 times this week can be your new goal. Start small, then build to own greatness!

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