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How to Track Your Food on the Weekend (& not hate your life)


How to Track Your Food On The Weekend

(And NOT Hate Your Life)

For most of us, the weekend is seen as a collective cheat day and often sets us behind on our fitness goals. So the question is, how can we enjoy the weekend while staying on track? Here are a couple solutions.

1. Fitness tracker app

This is probably the most straightforward solution there is. These apps are great for allowing you to track your caloric intake as well as the amount of macromolecules you consume. So on the weekend instead of depriving yourself of the things you love, you can enjoy them in moderation and stay fit at the same time.

2. Find healthy-ish recipes that allow you to indulge while keeping in shape

If you are the type of person who loves to satisfy their weekly cravings on the weekend then this might be the solution for you. Instead of entirely depriving yourself of the food you really want, you can almost always find a recipe that fits in perfectly with your nutrition plan. The internet is an amazing way to find recipes for the food you want without as many consequences. For example, if i’m really craving a chocolate cupcake, instead of heading straight for store bought ones, I can stay home and find a recipe that replaces the less favorable ingredients with healthier alternatives. Our website is actually another great place to find healthy recipes!

3. Adjust you exercise to compensate for what you eat

Now this solution is for the people who have no interest in cutting out or reducing unhealthy food (which is totally okay in moderate amounts). You can always add exercise to burn more calories. For example if I knew I was having an unhealthy dinner later (lets say pizza, who doesn’t love pizza?!) , i would add exercise to my day to somewhat compensate for the extra calories I would be consuming later. 

Some not so intense weekend workouts include

  • Walking for an hour

  • Light 2.5k jog

  • 5k Bike ride

  • Yoga 

We hope these suggestions help you find the balance between keeping in shape and enjoying your weekends. Team NTC has got your bacK!


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