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Eat more veggies with this tip!

Are you looking for an easy way to increase your daily health & get in more veggies? 

Everyone seems to be looking for a magic diet plan, supplement, or shake that will get them results. Which in our eyes will not only cost you extra money, but rarely works long term.

Weight Loss Magic Is FREE and all you have to do is work smarter, and plan IN some new habits!

The first thing we do with our nutrition clients is sit down to talk about what their goals are.

We also find out where exactly they are currently so that we can give them a realistic target for them to focus on. Once you master that, we then move onto goal #2.

A key foundation to losing weight and improving your health is by increasing your daily vegetables consumption.

Vegetables contain nutrients that boost cellular health (which can also improve immunity which is so important during our current COVID times); but they also are lower in caloric value which means you can eat more of them and not have to worry about gaining weight. In comes our favourite technique – the veggie bucket!

What’s a veggie bucket?

A veggie bucket is a simple meal planning tool that saves you time & will increase your daily consumption of vegetables.

Eat more veggies

Here’s how to do it. Each week we tell our coaching clients to choose a few staple “grab n’ go” veggies that they can chop up on Sunday so that they can use them for meals/snacks later on in the week.

Examples of this could be; carrots, cucumbers, red & green peppers, radishes, broccoli etc. 

Once you have a variety of items you will pre-chop them and toss them into a big container which we call “the veggie bucket”.

Then your main goal is to have a 1/2 plate of veggies twice a day with your meals.

Simple and effective!

The truth is losing weight doesn’t have to be that hard In fact if it is going to work long term it shouldn’t be.

Creating positive change takes time, accountability & a multi-step plan that progresses you further along your journey – but ONLY after you have mastered the previous step!

Here are just a few of our success stories who have used the “veggie bucket” and other techniques as laid out by their nutrition coach to get them consistent results.

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