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The Repeatable Diet (That Actually Works!)

How To Lose Weight – The Simple & Guilt Free Option

Happy New Year, and YES! we are posting this a few days PAST new years, as this year we want to encourage you to do something TOTALLY DIFFERENT when it comes to your health. 🤩

You may have woken up January 1st and been filled with hope and a well-written plan on exactly how your are going to SMASH this next year, and you know what….we hope you do! 👍🏼

If however you have started that resolution and are already struggling, we want to you to try this instead! Our version of the “repeatable diet”!

Ready? Here it is. ⬇️

Make Losing Weight Easier….with our easy habit based approach

❌ Today, don’t resolve to be perfect or overhaul your whole diet.

✅ You know what healthy is.

✅ You know what balance is.

✅ You know how important it is to move your body daily.

❌ Let go of “making up” for yesterday or “waiting to be on track” tomorrow.

✅ EACH DAY wake up and focus on only doing well that day.

Then sleep and do it again. ✅✅

Simple, not easy, but really the key to not stressing about food and living healthily.

If You Really Want To Lose Weight Then Do This!

Choose small habits, master them, then layer others on top.

You cannot “run a marathon” without without small training sessions, so why treat your diet like that?

Make small deliberate changes and then build up your capacity over time.

Coach Erin, Team NTC

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