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meet your support team

Northern Touch Crossfit Coach

Kim Richards

NTC Coach

I joined NTC at a time when I needed a safe place to get back into my fitness after falling off the wagon and being in a low emotional place. Darryl, Erin and Dexter created a welcoming non-judgmental environment that allowed me to develop at my own pace, and I needed that. I joined the coaching team to be able to continue this support to others, because I know how hard it can be just to get started. Coaching for me is not all about getting the highest score, but being better than you were the day before. I want to encourage that in everyone that comes to my classes.

NTC is a community that I am proud to be a part of as an athlete and coach.

Schwinn Cycling Classic Instructor Certification (2014)
Personal Training Specialist (canfitpro 2015)
CrossFit L1 Trainer (2017)
CrossFit Gymnastic Certificate (2018)
CrossFit Scaling (2018)
CrossFit Spot the Flaw (2018)

Northern Touch Crossfit Coach

Ashley Loeffler

NTC Coach

Knowing the positive impact Northern Touch CrossFit has had on me, both physically and mentally, is what led me to obtain my CrossFit Level 1 Training Certificate and become a member of the best coaching team! I not only wanted to further my own understanding and knowledge, but I wanted to be able to pass that on to others so they could see for themselves the amazing benefits of crossFit.

NTC is a place where you can push yourself and do things you never thought you could do – me becoming a coach is testament to that! Because of the environment that Erin and Darrly have created I was able to step out of my comfort zone and am now able to stand at the front and lead a class instead of hide myself in the back!

CrossFit L1 Trainer (2017)
Les Mills RPM Instructor (2017)
CrossFit WeightLifting (2018)
Lucas Parkers Barbell Cycling Workshop (2018)

Northern Touch Crossfit Coach

Mike Ruffo

NTC Coach

I have always counted myself to be fortunate with what I’ve been blessed with in my life. I’m healthy, have a beautiful family, an amazing career, wonderful friends and the ability of a strong body and mind that help me navigate life’s ups and downs. I chose to become a part of the NTC coaching staff to give back to the community that I value. Growing up active and adapting to the physical and mental challenges of athletics has not only brought the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, but afforded me many life lessons as well as invaluable friendships within those communities. I believe that every person who walks through the doors of NTC deserves those same benefits.

It is my passion through coaching to help our athletes achieve not only their movement and fitness goals in a safe efficient manner, but also see them reap the holistic benefits that a membership at NTC can bring.

CrossFit L1 Trainer (2019)
CrossFit Anatomy Certificate (2019)
CrossFit Judges Course (2019)
CrossFit Lesson Planning Certificate (2019)
CrossFit Scaling Certificate (2019)
CrossFit Spot The Flaw Certificate (2019)
Certified Movement & Mobility Specialist (2019)
Certified Functional Training Specialist (2020)
Certified Advanced Kettlebell Instructor (2020)
Certified Biomechanics Specialist (2020)
Barbell Rehab Workshop Certification (2021)
Bachelor of Science in Physical Education
Bachelor of Education
Full time Firefighter
Whitby Warriors Alum Junior A Lacrosse
University of Toronto Alum Varsity Lacrosse
Three time World Police Fire Games Bronze Medalist (Toughest Firefighter Alive)
Gold and Silver Medalist CanAm Police Fire Games (Toughest Firefighter Alive)

Northern Touch Crossfit Coach

Colleen Logan

NTC Coach

I started dancing ballet, tap and jazz when I was 3 and continued that journey specializing in ballet until I was 19. Having danced and gone to school at the National Ballet of Canada and George Brown – I found a love of performing and being on stage while finding a love of classes and daily discipline of sport!

I continued to find a passion for performing travelling in a group called Up With People when I was 21, that took me across the world singing and dancing!
The next two decades saw me run several half marathons, and many years of participation in the Ride to Conquer Cancer and spin classes in between. I loved Ashtanga Yoga and downward dogged and tree posed across the city.

The winter of 2016 – I was ruminating on doing something different and a FaceBook ad came up for Northern Touch CrossFit, a bootcamp. I remember the day I met Erin – us both in winter hats and coats – and we connected immediately. My boss at my day job did “CrossFit” and so I was intrigued. I remember writing down the first amount of reps completed in the first WOD (workout of the day)- and the healthy competition began.
I immediately fell in love with the fact that you could push yourself within the box space to continually improve your abilities, however you had the energy of the CF Community around you to hone your best self.

As I have moved through my CF journey of high impact constantly varied workouts – I remain truly focused on continuing to move as I grow older. I don’t want to stop moving. EVER. I see the functional fitness side of CrossFit to enable me to keep moving. I want to give that passion back to people which motivated me to get my CF Level 1. Moving keeps your soul engaged. My goal is to keep your soul engaged. I have a lot of energy…so let’s go.

CrossFit L1 Trainer (2019)
CrossFit: Spot the Flaw Certificate (2019)
CrossFit: Lesson planning (2020)
CrossFit: Scaling (2020)
CrossFit L2 (2020)
Two Brain Coaching: Nutrition Certification (2020)

Northern Touch Crossfit Coach

Leanne Blance

NTC Coach

They say the best employees start out as customers. I wanted to become a coach as I have been at NTC for almost 5 years and really felt that I could relate to many of the members. I’m not an elite athlete but strive to stay active, move well, and progress with technique and form. I started out coaching our annual Running club and I really felt comfortable in the role and working with our members. It made me want to move forward with learning more about Crossfit and then joining the coaching team.

When I am in coaching mode, I feel focused and challenged mentally to make sure our members are safe, moving well and helping them achieve their goals. Plus, I have made so many great friends in our NTC community that coaching involves being around like minded individuals who are motivating and supportive of one another.

Lucas Parkers Barbell Cycling Workshop (2018)
CF Judges (2019)
CF Running (2019)
CF Gymnastics (2019)
CF Level 1 (2020)
Two Brain Coaching: Nutrition Certification (2020)

Northern Touch Crossfit Coach

Ruby Malobago

NTC Kids Coach

As a kid new to Canada I involved myself in every sport I could get into at school. Swimming, basketball, baseball, cross country and volleyball – i wanted to do it all. I led as captain through most organized sports I signed up for with the ability to apply and commit myself in anything I wanted. Determined but shy I immersed myself in group activities hoping to fit in as an immigrant who had to learn two new languages (French and English)along with two that i had already knew.

I’ve dabbled into many forms of fitness including Muay Thai, yoga, running, softball, obstacle races and i was the traditional gym rat who couldn’t stop posing and taking a selfie after each set! Yah that was me-i admit it!! I continued to play softball as an adult and coached my kids in baseball because I had a hard time “just watching” from the sidelines. I knew the importance of positive encouragement, teaching skills and I knew how to make it fun!

Fast forward to the present I am a Mom of three, CrossFitter, Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE) and currently taking my Brand X certification to be able to help children hone into their natural talents and abilities.

I still see the importance of movement and how beneficial it is for your daily life. Stepping into Northern Touch has been one of the best things I could have done for myself. It has enhanced my life in so many aspects including allowing my kids to see that fitness is an important component of health both mentally and physically. I enjoy having my kids cheer me on just like I do for them on the fields.

I’ve worked with children since I was 12 and it has thought me that growth is inevitable and learning comes in many forms.

Brand X Method – (2019)
Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE)

Logan Rogers

NTC Coach

My introduction to Northern Touch CrossFit came about during my high school years. My mom (Coach Colleen) had been raving about this new “CrossFit” thing she had been doing, so I decided to give it a shot. I was expecting to get some good workouts in and spend some time with my mom, but what I experienced ended up being much greater and more impactful than I could have imagined.

The cultural ethos of NTC was incredibly formative during my transition into early adulthood. The core values and practices of health, wellness, and devotion to the community provided me with an invaluable framework into which I could begin developing who I wanted to be. I have always had a love and fascination for movement and exercise, which has allowed me to maintain an insatiable appetite for knowledge and continued education. With immense gratitude and curiosity in mind, I decided that coaching would be an excellent way of paying it forward.

NTC has helped unveil my true potential as an athlete, family member, friend, and overall human being, and I am absolutely passionate about helping our community realize their full potential as well.

CrossFit L1 Trainer (2019)
CrossFit L2 Trainer (2020)

CrossFit Programming Certificate (2021)
CrossFit Lesson Planning Certificate (2021)

B.Sc. (Honours) in Biology and Health Science, Trent University. In Progress. (2022)