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Coach Darryl Alphonso

Darryl Alphonso

Co-Owner | NTC Coach

3, 2, 1 GO! …

In my early years I played Hockey during the winter and Softball during the summer. Prior to joining CrossFit I was training in Thai Boxing and used jogging, cycling, and traditional weight training as auxiliary components of my workout routine.

I severely injured my knee in a motorcycle accident (compound fracture) which side lined any and all training. It was a hard pill to swallow but I had to put training on the back burner. Enter rehab. During my rehabilitation I began educating myself on my injury and wanted to ensure I was back at or close to 100% (really hoping to be at 110%+). During rehab, my wife Erin thought it would be a good idea to look into “CrossFit” as she knew I would eventually need something that fulfilled my desire to workout.

I slowly removed myself from conventional rehab and used CrossFit as my new method of rehabilitation. In November of 2010 I was introduced to this thing called a WOD, and have not turned back since. Every day being a new challenge and new experience made me gravitate towards this method of training and it soon became habitual.

CrossFit has encouraged me to reach a level of fitness I did not know existed, which has expanded my character and determination to push and succeed in all areas of life. Witnessing that this system is highly effective lead me to obtain my CrossFit Level 1 Training Certificate. I not only want to gain a deeper understanding of the methodology, I wanted the opportunity to help others experience what I have experienced.

I continue to absorb as much info as possible, constantly learning, as this journey is never ending. In my classes I offer a non-judgmental environment where participants know they will be guided into proper form and technique, while challenging them so that they can meet and exceed their fitness goals. … TIME!

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2012)
NCCP Olympic Weightlifting Coach (2012)
Kanama HP Weightlifting Certificate (2012)
Outlaw Seminar (Rudy Nielson 2013)
CrossFit Mobility (2013)
Attitude Nation Weightlifting Level 1 (2013)
Attitude Nation Weightlifting Level 2 (2014)
CrossFit Endurance (2014)
CrossFit Scaling Course (2016)
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (2016 & 2021)
CrossFit Anatomy Certificate (2017)
CrossFit Gymnastics Certificate (2018)
Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) Jumpstart (2018)

Experience in Coaching and Competing in sanctioned Weightlifting competitions (Ontario Weightlifting Association)

Northern Touch Crossfit Coach

Kim Richards

NTC Coach

I joined NTC at a time when I needed a safe place to get back into my fitness after falling off the wagon and being in a low emotional place. Darryl, Erin and Dexter created a welcoming non-judgmental environment that allowed me to develop at my own pace, and I needed that. I joined the coaching team to be able to continue this support to others, because I know how hard it can be just to get started. Coaching for me is not all about getting the highest score, but being better than you were the day before. I want to encourage that in everyone that comes to my classes.

NTC is a community that I am proud to be a part of as an athlete and coach.

Schwinn Cycling Classic Instructor Certification (2014)
Personal Training Specialist (canfitpro 2015)
CrossFit L1 Trainer (2017)
CrossFit Gymnastic Certificate (2018)
CrossFit Scaling (2018)
CrossFit Spot the Flaw (2018)

Northern Touch Crossfit Coach

Colleen Logan

NTC Coach

I started dancing ballet, tap and jazz when I was 3 and continued that journey specializing in ballet until I was 19. Having danced and gone to school at the National Ballet of Canada and George Brown – I found a love of performing and being on stage while finding a love of classes and daily discipline of sport!

I continued to find a passion for performing travelling in a group called Up With People when I was 21, that took me across the world singing and dancing!
The next two decades saw me run several half marathons, and many years of participation in the Ride to Conquer Cancer and spin classes in between. I loved Ashtanga Yoga and downward dogged and tree posed across the city.

The winter of 2016 – I was ruminating on doing something different and a FaceBook ad came up for Northern Touch CrossFit, a bootcamp. I remember the day I met Erin – us both in winter hats and coats – and we connected immediately. My boss at my day job did “CrossFit” and so I was intrigued. I remember writing down the first amount of reps completed in the first WOD (workout of the day)- and the healthy competition began.
I immediately fell in love with the fact that you could push yourself within the box space to continually improve your abilities, however you had the energy of the CF Community around you to hone your best self.

As I have moved through my CF journey of high impact constantly varied workouts – I remain truly focused on continuing to move as I grow older. I don’t want to stop moving. EVER. I see the functional fitness side of CrossFit to enable me to keep moving. I want to give that passion back to people which motivated me to get my CF Level 1. Moving keeps your soul engaged. My goal is to keep your soul engaged. I have a lot of energy…so let’s go.

CrossFit L1 Trainer (2019)
CrossFit: Spot the Flaw Certificate (2019)
CrossFit: Lesson planning (2020)
CrossFit: Scaling (2020)
CrossFit L2 (2020)
Two Brain Coaching: Nutrition Certification (2020)

Coach Alex Shaw


NTC Coach

My involvement with team sports started at a very young age. I played soccer from the time I was 4 years old until I graduated university, and participated in many other sports along the way. I never had to think about fitness; It was a solidified part of my schedule for many years.

When I graduated from university and started working full time I was very cognizant of the fact that I would have to work hard to maintain my usual level of fitness. I joined a big box gym and attempted to learn how to program my own daily workouts. Despite my best efforts, my motivation was non existent, the equipment I needed was always in use, my workouts lacked intensity, I barely interacted with anyone, and my only real goal was to maintain my physique.

I needed a team. I needed a coach.

When I found CrossFit I immediately knew it would be the perfect fit. My goals became measurable, my motivation sky-rocketed, and I found a community that regularly encourages me to push past my perceived limitations. We are a team here at NTC, and as a coach I hope to do the same for you.

Standard First Aid CPR-C/AED
Ontario Police Fitness PIN Appraiser

Coach Diana Carbajal

Diana Carbajal

NTC Coach

My life purpose has always been focused on helping everyone I can, and that’s why I studied Sociology as a profession, and later became a wellness-fitness coach.

From a very young age I was always involved in athletic and sport activities. Basketball at early ages, running in college years, and some basketball again at work. When my two daughters, husband, and office job took priority in adult life, I couldn’t make the time to work out, so fitness got on the backburner for a while.

At that time, I didn’t feel like myself and had to get back to my active lifestyle, so I decided to restart with Zumba and cardio! Those made me lose weight but did little for my muscle’s tone. At that time, my husband told me about some YouTube videos featuring a very intense activity called CrossFit, so I signed up to try it in hopes to get a bit toned.

Within weeks I was amazed, and eventually fell completely in love with the discipline: varied exercises to avoid boredom, high intensity that left you flat on the floor, always grinding to beat the timer and, most importantly, a warm feeling of community.

I am originally Mexican, and newcomer to Toronto. NTC has given me the opportunity to get involved in this wonderful and vibrant fitness community.

As a coach I will do everything in my power to help each one of you to achieve your goals. All I will ask from you is to leave behind any fear to fail and start over again as many times as necessary.

There is really no failure when you give your best and learn something along the way, so let’s grow together!. Trust the process and enjoy the journey!

Gymnastics and Weightlifting Workshop (2016)
CrossFit L1 Trainer (2018)
Yoga Yoguismo Teacher RYT200 AIYY (2018)
Restorative Yoga Diploma IAYY (2019)
Yoga and Spinal Cord Certificate IAYY (2020)
Origins of Mindfulness OKAN (2021)

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