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The “F Word” Is Ruining Your Fitness

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Have you ever noticed that everyone is on a diet, starting a new program or simply “wants to “get fit”?

The ironic thing though is those same people still look and feel the same. No real change is happening. But why is that?

The “F” word could be ruining your health goals

There is an abundance of free training programs online. From 30 day squat challenges to zero sugar challenges, (if you want a plan you can find it online).

Searching for something FREE, instead of investing in a structured plan destroys progress.

That is facts!

Have you ever asked yourself what the cost of staying exactly where you are is?

This is a question we have asked many clients who have come into our gym.

People tend to “program jump” as it is easier to start something new again, then it is to follow through.

The problem stopping and starting is that not only is it costly, but it also keeps people believing that the program is what gets results. When in actuality accountability is what makes the difference.

You Are Not Broken, Your Mindset May Be Though

Tell us if you have done any of the following;

👉 Signed up for a fitness challenge. Vowed to overhaul your life & felt super focused, only to fall off plan 4 days in? #beenthere

👉 Maybe you joined a gym with your partner or best friends. Then learned quickly that there was a “weak link” that keeps on cancelling last minute. How can you gain momentum with this tire holding you down!

If this resonates with you don’t worry!

We want to share the best way to reach your fitness goals and then invite you to take that journey with us.

Why Personal Training Is The Quickest Way To Your Goals

At NTC we are in our 7th year of business. #goteam 🙂

And since that time we have sat down with hundreds of people who are looking for a solution to their health problems.

They what goal they want to achieve, but struggle committing to the plan that will help them achieve it.

People typically choose the cheaper option, end up spinning their wheels and looking the same 6 months later. We want to help our community and people like YOU break this cycle.

When You Invest In The Outcome, You Change The Outcome

The longer we are fitness professionals, the more we see the need for consistent check ins with our people. No two people are the same, and the best transformations occur when we work 1:1 with someone. Spending more time looking at their food, checking in on their progress and helping them work through their struggles changes everything.

If you want a plan (that actually works), hiring a personal trainer is something to consider.

  • A personal trainer will help you learn proper form and technique so that you don’t injure yourself while exercising.
  • A personal trainer provides accountability and motivation, which makes it easier to stick with your fitness goals. Thinking about sleeping in and missing your session? You will automatically think twice when you know a real person is waiting for you.
  • Hiring a personal trainer can save time by helping figure out which exercises are most effective for achieving your goals and how to effectively structure your workouts. No more cookie cutter moves. A personal trainer can work around back pain, shoulder issues, almost anything.
  • A personal trainer can help you set realistic goals based on your fitness level, time constraints, and overall health. Not everyone needs to workout 6 days a week. When you hire a coach they will set out a plan that is realistic for where you are now, and help you get to your goal safely.
  • A personal trainer can help you avoid wasting time and money on gimmicky fitness products that don’t work.

When you commit to your goals, you commit to changing yourself from the inside out. Invest now, and live a healthy life long term. Sounds like a great deal to me!

Change your focus, change the outcome.

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