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Super Bowl Healthy Eating Tips

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It’s the weekend of Super Bowl and you know what that means. Fun food!

Whether you watch just for the halftime show or the cool commercials, snacks for the big game are most likely going to happen. While we are not likely to have parties (sad face) staying in might lead you to a food feast. 

Here’s a few tips for having your favourite foods but maintaining some balance so that we start the week right and feel good when we go to bed. 

Watch your caloric intake of fluids.

Pop, beer, alcohol all pack a punch in calories! Water is a great compliment to big meals as it minimizes the amount of calories we consume and helps your digestion. If you are planning to drink alcohol, be mindful to rotate a glass of water in between drinks.

Start small!

A big, open bowl full of chips is so easy to over eat as you mindlessly take fist fulls while watching the game. Instead try personal portions like the photo in this post. Like nuts? Try serving them in shot glasses to maintain portion control – lead with eating veggies and fruit first then move onto the other stuff, you’ll likely fill up on the healthier stuff first.

Serve up lighter snacks

Ever tried Buffalo cauliflower wings? Everyone loves a bowl of chili for superbowl. Ever tried turkey based or even meatless crumb? Don’t knock it to you try it! 

Planning to have a little of everything?

Use small plates. Doesn’t mean you pile the food UP, the method simply helps you exercise some portion awareness.

Chew slowly!

By the time your stomach is full, your brain may not be aware of it yet. It takes time for the stomach to signal to the brain you are full. Scarfing food down quickly often means you aren’t giving enough time for that message to get there. By that time you are over full. 

When you are full, remove the food.

I repeat, REMOVE THE FOOD! You will most likely keep grazing on an already very full stomach which as we all know does not make us feel good.

Plan movement prior to the game.

A cardio workout will help burn more calories. A walk, run, row or a quick AMRAP workout is great!

Food is meant to be enjoyed. Not deprived or withheld. Practicing balance, portion awareness and adding in a few healthy things will leave you feeling satisfied and nourished. 

Now- whose it gonna be? KC Chiefs or Tampa Bay Buccaneers?Cheers! 🍻

Coach Leanne

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