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Stretches for Runners + 0 to 5k Running Plan


Running is great but the pain that often accompanies it, is not. So, we’ve come up with some stretches to help you feel less sore after running!

First it’s important to understand the difference between static and dynamic stretching and when to utilize each type. 

Static stretching is when you are stationary and concentrated on extending one muscle or small muscle group at a time.

Dynamic stretching is putting groups of muscles or specific joints through complete ranges of motion. They often mimic the movement you intend to do during your workout.

Neither type is better than the other, they are useful for different purposes.

Dynamic stretching, when practiced before a workout has been proven to improve an athletes performance, whereas static has proven to decrease an athletes performance prior to a workout.

Instead, static stretching is useful for a post workout recovery when your muscles are already warm. A good way to view it is before a workout, static stretching is like pulling a frozen rubber band. 

Some good stretches for runners include:

Dynamic (before the run)

  • Walking Hamstring Kicks: Perfect for glutes and well, hamstrings

  • Lateral Leg Swings: Warms up your hips, abductors and adductors

  • Lunges with a Rotation: Great for your hip flexors and lower back

Static (after the run)

  • Rag Doll (touch your toes): Stretches your glutes 

  • Calf Stretch: You guessed it, stretches your calves

  • Lizard (deep lunge with both hands on floor if possible): Great for hip flexor recovery

Here’s a sample 0-5K plan that you can use for running, or even fast walking. The goal is to get better each and every day.

Why even walk though?

Walking is a great starter activity. It is also a great way to compliment strength training like we do at our gym.

The perfect blend is to combine both an in gym plan like the one we provide and a walking or run plan. That way you have the perfect blend of strength building & an activity to raise your heart rate/calm your mind.

5k Running plan.jpg5k Running plan.jpg

We hope this article and training plan has been helpful! If you are confused at all on how/when you should train, or heck; even what to eat. Make sure to book a FREE GOAL SESSION below.

Happy Training!



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