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Move The Wall (The Trick To Getting Over Your Motivation Struggles)

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Do you feel like you are caught in a cycle of guilt AND extreme desire to finally achieve that “effortless fitness lifestyle”…WELP, you are definitely not alone.

Here are some mega fitness truths.

Your health is important. You know it and so do we. In fact the current time that we are in (Corona Virus Quarantine) means that everything you have done in the past, and continue to do WILL impact how you “survive” this epidemic.

  • If you were exercising before COVID, your lungs and body are likely stronger and more resilient to fight a sickness should you contract it.

  • If you were in a fitness routine before you ALSO will be benefiting from the mental health bonuses that are associated with continuing to show up for yourself.

  • Remember all those gruelling workouts that occurred on “your average Tuesday night”? You were actually building yourself to be a stronger human physically & mentally.

And just because things aren’t ideal now doesn’t mean that your determination needs to change. But your resiliency and approach to keeping going may!

So why does everyone think that struggling with motivation defines them?

Easy. The concept of motivation is actually BS. #sorrynotsorry. It is the universes way of having you focus elsewhere instead of on what truly matters, and that is taking action.

Being in the gym industry for 20+years now we see so many people achieving great things. Losing 20-100lbs. Getting stronger, reducing depression, changing careers – ALL BECAUSE OF THE EMPOWERING HABIT OF HEALTH AND FITNESS.

But then simply decide to throw in the towel when things aren’t 100% “natural”.

Listen, we are not here to say that feeling resistance won’t happen, it will and you are not alone. But it is also NOT the measurement that defines if you are a success or not. Your choices will.

Quick reality check. Quitting doesn’t change the desire for the goal. It just delays you achieving it.

Quitting feels easy.

It’s not you, it’s just the (insert obstacle here).

But let us ask you this; if you did give up, would that obstacle re-appear again on your next fitness journey?

If so, you need to dig deep and find ways to work through it.

Don’t bail the first time a “wall” appears.

Quitting when not feeling 100% motivated will NEVER change the fact that you actually want to stay physically active, or that you still DO want to lose that extra weight so that you can; play with your kids, feel confident on your next vacation or be strong enough to get through crisis like this one that is out of our control.

So why look for a way out when you WILL find yourself back to the same exact struggle in months to come?

What if instead of waiting to get that magical motivation feeling; you actually learned to “move that wall”?

The fact is that motivation was never really there. Focus, excitement of trying something new and intentional habits were.

When you are in a good habit flow, you are not exceptionally motivated at that particular time; you are just more focused.

You are focused on taking the ACTIONS needed to fulfill your goal.

  • You wake up tired and don’t even question any resistance you may face as you don’t sit and debate with it, you just get up and go.

  • When you are intentional with your habits working late is no problem – you plan to get that workout in at a later not so ideal time. (Not the perfect option, but again you are focusing on the GOAL and not the circumstance.)

You see you need to weigh out if the regret of not doing it, will impact you for the rest of the day. If it will you need to drop the debate, and get to resolving to show up regardless.

We want to make staying FOCUSED easier for you. Because to tell you that you just need to focus on getting more motivated is NOT the answer.

But showing you HOW to create habits and long term thinking is.

No more “missed workouts guilt” – just actual skills you can apply to keep you focusing on what matters, and that is YOU. The healthy, resilient, strong you that you want and deserve.

Deal? Let’s dive in.

Here are some tips to get over motivation struggles and develop a new long term attitude towards staying healthy.

  1. Put a time cap on deciding whether to workout today. It is either a hard YES, or a hard NO.

    Whatever option you choose you need to 100% ok with it. If your mind tells you that skipping that workout today is going to leave you feeling guilty and regretful all day; then it’s time to get it done. Don’t allow your decisions to tie up your energy.

  2. Make decisions based off of the past two days performance.

    Some people LIKE to workout 6 days a week. That doesn’t mean that you have to. BUT if you are debating whether to workout and you haven’t in the past 2 days, then today is your day! Allow yourself to have rest days. But also be realistic if not getting your workout in will REALLY help you recover/rest; or if you are choosing a behaviour that doesn’t support your goals.

  3. Do a personal check in.

    Do you really want to give up on your goals, and all the progress you’ve made. If the answer is no then you need to set a mini goal to just show up, know that it may not feel glorious to be “there”, but that if you don’t work through this resistance now….when will you ever find a solution?

Lastly. You are not alone. That’s why we wanted to share this. There are too many “shiny new programs” sold online that prey off the “quick results” mentality.

Become successful off of your own strength to not give up.

Become successful by stepping over that wall (even when you don’t feel 100% perfect doing so).

Need a boost? Our hands are out waiting to hoist you.

Stay focused on the climb! You are almost where it starts to feel natural again.

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