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What Happen’s If I Don’t Stretch After I Exercise?


There are two main things that we see clients struggle with and that is nutrition, and injuries/restricted movement patterns due to a lack of “mobility”.

What does being mobile mean anyway?

Being “mobile” is the ability for your body to move without restrictions in the natural patterns that our bodies were structurally designed to execute.

When your body lacks the ability to move correctly it can put you at risk of injury during exercise, or heck even during the activities of everyday LIFE!

I think we all know someone who has “thrown out their back” and ironically this rarely occurs during intense activity, but rather right smack in the middle of everyday movement patterns.

So what does mobility have to do with exercise?

When you exercise you are doing something pretty incredible to your muscles. When you exercise you are increasing the output demands on muscles, and at the same time those cells are tearing/rebuilding.

That on it’s own in pretty miraculous. However another thing that happens during this process is the cells/muscles actually shorten, become more rigid and therefore can pull unfavourably between two joints.

  • Tight hamstrings and lower back pain? Could be related.

  • Pain at the front of your shoulders and push ups/bench press is your favourite gym move? We’re just saying there may be a correlation.

The truth is the hard, slow stuff is actually the most important when it comes to longevity in life and as an athlete.

Stretching and developing resilience in these areas ARE what will reduce pain long term, aid in exercise recovery and may just be the reason why when you slip and fall on ice you don’t tear your knee, but your body is able to adapt to the increase range of motion demands.

You know, the “better at life” juicy stuff.

To summarize here are 5 things that may happen if you don’t stretch after exercise, and 5 reasons why we think you should!

No Stretching Team (Booooooo lolol)

  1. You increase your chance of injury at a later date.

  2. Your posture could eventually become compromised.

  3. If you are looking to become stronger, faster or more athletic lacking in proper range of motion will hinder your ability to progress.

  4. As you age your joints will hurt much more.

  5. You will miss out on the ability to recover post workout. Not all exercise on the body needs to be intense. In fact, stretching tells the body that the work is done, and healing of the cells and re-setting the nervous system is the goal now.

Stretching After Exercise Team For The Win!

  1. Stretching will reduce your chances of injury.

  2. Stretching will compliment overall performance and can maximize power output.

  3. Stretching helps to maintain proper posture by allowing the muscles to elongate.

  4. Stretching increases blood flow to the muscles which helps circulate oxygen and get rid of waste.

  5. Stretching will release tension. A happy, calm mind is the best leader for a confident, happy life.

We hope this article was helpful.

As always go for the “juicy stuff” in life. It may not be the easiest route. But it will 100% be worth it.

Happy Training!


Coach Erin, Coach & Gym Co-Owner

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