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Is It Safe For TALL People To Deadlift?


There are quite a few exercises/exercises that get a “bad rep” and Deadlifts are definitely in that category. Before we discuss if it is safe enough for TALL people to include in their routine, let’s first address the many reasons why we include it in our training with our clients and the many benefits associated.

Why Deadlifts Are Awesome:

  1. They are a total body movement when done correctly. When executed in a proper position/expression you are working your core, glutes, grip, legs & back. Talk about efficient!

  2. During a deadlift it is necessary to brace your core to protect your back. So although many people say they have hurt their back doing deadlifts, it was likely due to improper weight loading or technique, NOT the actual movement.

  3. Deadlifts work your posterior chain. Which is basically the “back half” of your body. In a society such as ours that involves LOTS of forward directional spinal positions, it is essential we learn to strengthen the other side.

  4. Increased glute power. Building a stronger backside will not only help fill in those jeans/lulu’s – but it will make you a more explosive athlete. Whether you run, play hockey, or ride bikes. Glute training is a must!

Noe let’s address what this article was set out to address.

Is it safe for TALL people to deadlift?

As mentioned above the benefits of deadlifting are numerous. It is a functional movement that we feel everyone can benefit from adding in their routine. However a key point to mention is that performing a deadlift does not only exist with JUST a barbell, and that is where most people get the most intimidated.

Deadlifts have several variations that can be incorporated. Which means that unless there is something structurally incorrect with your body, (and that strength training can’t improve). Learning to develop back, core and glute strength via deadlifts IS beneficial, EVEN FOR TALL PEOPLE.

The most common fault we see with a tall person executing deadlifts is positioning. Their arm span outside of their hips is wider, and in order for them to get into a proper set-up position, mobility needs to be optimal to achieve a safe back angle prior to lifting. So although the set-up may FEEL or look different, there is NO inherit danger that associated with height.

As coaches though our two top tips to progressing to a safe-er deadlift as a “tall” person would be progression.

  1. Bring the floor UP closer to you. This can mean lifting off plates or blocks on the floor, and;

  2. Start with a smaller start and end range of motion. Begin your hinge from the top position down to the knee.

But most importantly when learning these movements to not load too quickly, and to work with a coach who knows how to adapt the movement to accommodate your skill level and safety!

Happy Training!


Coach Erin, Coach & Gym Co-Owner

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