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Chip Science

Running tips from the NTC running coach extraordinaire Leanne

There are many physical behaviours that we don’t notice about our form and cadence when we run. Expending unnecessary energy by tensing, clenching or shrugging falls in this topic. When you run, take note, what are your hands doing? Where are your arms positioned? Low or high? Are your shoulders up around your ears while you just try to get through the run? Relaxing and softening your body as much as you can makes for a more comfortable and efficient run.

Practicing running with a chip between your fore finger and thumb conditions you to be mindful of expended energy you may have been wasting with your hand position if they were in a clenched fist. While it may seem like a weird test, it’s quite eye opening to the difference it feels and makes in your posture.

Make sure NOT to break or crack the chip! (or eat it)

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