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The Motivation “Egg”

Did your 2020 fitness goals get “cancelled” like the rest of the year? Don’t feel guilty, so did everyone else’s.

The truth is this past year was a massive challenge, and if you struggled then you likely are part of the masses, not someone who just can’t get their fitness game together.

But does that mean that you should just accept defeat and continue to ride the struggle bus until the city opens again? We say HECK NO and here is why we think you need to chase 2021 with a new vengeance, and stop looking for the “motivation egg”.

Motivation – Are only magical fitness unicorns born with it?

In the gym industry this has to be the TOP obstacle we hear people struggling with.

“I’m just not motivated to workout”.

“I start off strong, then I lose motivation and can’t get myself back on track again”

“I used to be really motivated”

“I’ll start Monday….”

The only problem with waiting for motivation to come is that – what if it never does?

We like to compare feeling motivated to the “chicken and the egg” analogy. With the chicken and the egg analogy there is much debate on which item comes first out of the two.

The same goes for motivation. Maybe, just maybe you are continually waiting to feel motivated – but in actuality you need to ACT like how you want to feel to GET MOTIVATED!

At NTC we believe in taking control of our destiny.

We know that what we chose to focus on grows. So we focus on what we can control and develop resilience in the face of adversity.

Does that mean that creating that fitness habit, or losing weight will be easy? No. But just because something isn’t easy doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

This week we want you to simply ACT. Make a plan that is 50% better than you did last week (don’t even worry about the full past) and improve it.

If you haven’t worked out recently then maybe this week (NOT NEXT) do 1 workout.

Then next week if you are still struggling repeat that same choice. Do 1 workout.

At one point in time you will start to notice increased confidence, and will realize that you CHOOSING to take an action is where you will find motivation, versus waiting for motivation coming to find YOU!

Comment below, what is the 1 thing you will take action on this week?

Coach Erin

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